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recent, Largest Online Tutoring Business in the US, Delivers 14 Million Online Sessions

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New York, NY, September 13, 2016 —, the largest online tutoring service in the U.S., announced today that the company had reached a milestone of delivering 14 million one-to-one tutoring and homework help sessions. Every night thousands of students visit to get help in one of the more than 50 subjects available to support students in middle school, high school and college. offers on-demand and asynchronous tutoring help through partnerships with libraries, colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, the United States Department of Defense, and corporate employee benefit programs.

" is trusted by so many institutions because of our proven track record of partnering with them to offer one-to-one learning solutions to help their students succeed. We hire top tutors who are highly vetted subject matter experts, and we offer extensive oversight to ensure we deliver the best service to our clients and students," said Sandi White, General Manager, Institutional Programs.

" helps students succeed in their school work with more than 96% of students saying we help them complete their homework assignments and 95% saying that we help them improve their grades in post-session surveys. We are honored to have been there for students—right when they needed us-- more than 14 million times" continued Ms. White.


Derk Riechers, Director of SCVC (South Carolina Virtual College) of Florence Darlington Technical College, which offers to its students shared that "when I see students return happy and excited about the service that provides, that’s what helps reaffirm the success of the program for me. I can’t tell you how many students visit my office and say ‘I was going to drop this class,’ or ‘I've been struggling with this class, but with this online tutoring, it has helped me tremendously.’" not only delivers timely academic support, but also provides insight to educators and administrators into specific academic challenges encountered by their students through its Predictive Insights Data Analytics service. Early alerts are generated by specific student behaviors such as lack of prerequisite knowledge or lack of content mastery. The intended outcome is to accelerate the intervention timeline to increase class/course completion and improve retention rates.

"Our tutors have generated more than 200,000 Predictive Insights early alerts to let our K-12 and higher-education partners know when specific students may need extra support in targeted subject areas," said White.

A 2015 efficacy study by Ruffalo Noel Levitz and funded by found that 88% of students across four community colleges who used online tutoring returned for the following semester, compared with 70% of students who did not engage with an online tutor. Through this study, online tutoring was found to improve course completion and student persistence.

After serving 14M sessions, has a clear view of where students get stuck and seek online tutoring help: For college-level students, the most frequently chosen subject for tutoring is Essay Writing, followed by College Algebra. For students in grades K-12, most frequently provides support in Algebra and Algebra II, followed by Calculus.

ABOUT is the world's largest and highest-rated online tutoring company with a community of more than 3,200 expert tutors, and 14 million one-to-one online tutoring sessions served. Professional tutors are available 24/7 in 50-plus subjects., a Match Group company powers tutoring and homework help programs for the U.S. Department of Defense; thousands of public libraries, school districts, colleges and universities; and the states of Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, North Dakota, and the District of Columbia.
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