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Blazed and Amused showcased at the Jeff Hamilton Gallery | Los Angeles, CA. | July 14, 2018

PhotoJournalist: Jesse Watrous
Journalist: Jesse Watrous
Copy Editor: Sam Moszkowicz
Videographer: Sam Moszkowicz
Video Editor: Thomas Tulak

Blazed and Amused with Jeff Hamilton was proud to host the Pre ESPY's VIP party at the Jeff Hamilton Gallery on Saturday, July 14, 2018.

This event had infusion of live music by a DJ, Street Art, Fashion, Healthy Libations, a bar sponsored by New Age Beverages, and Food by the Salsa Mafia.


Three rooms filled with art in various media forms and a few show pieces were interactive where guests were welcomed to touch and take photos with the art displays. Many of the art pieces were focused on sport figures such as Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, and Muhammad Ali.

Interesting and colorful pieces were displayed in each room, from simple painted canvas to large mix media pieces that told a story from the artists point of view. Many of the memorable pieces that stood out were art that was created with leather and fashion pieces such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

The art show was a collaboration of artists, whose artworks were for sale, including Jeff Hamilton’s Jackets.

CDB vendors were invited to show and sell their products. Guests enjoyed samples and this was a 420 friendly event.

A live interview with Jason Richter of The Richter Scale on Brigade Radio One (3rd from the left), with Rudy Negrete, Jeff Hamilton, and Dustin Buford was conducted during the event.

Jeff Hamilton is the Founder and Creative Director of Guess Jeans for Men.

Rudy Negrete is the CEO Union daDank Inc.
Dustin Buford was the co-host with Jason Richter.

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