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Segway-Ninebot, Inc. Press Conference on their new Product Series on July 24, 2018

Segway-Ninebot Inc. press conference is about announcing the launch of the company’s new product series. The announcement will include all the aspects of the product such as functionality, distribution, marketing, price, and following timelines.

The event is held by the CEO, including over 150 guests such as Internet sensationalists, social media popular personalities, and many key members of the company’s administrative and managerial level.

The press conference will be held in downtown Los Angeles, Calif.

About the Segway-Ninebot Inc.

The Segway vehicle manufacturer is now the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation. Before 2015, the company’s product development and marketing was solely focusing on commercial values, such as military, police force, and private security. However, after the merging with the international capital giant, Ninebot Limited (Ninebot inc.) in 2015, the company has been trying to revolute its marketing strategy ever since. Now, The Change has Completed! With the success of raising over $100 Million USD through Ninebot in financing, Segway was finally able to develop and launch its new product Drift W1 E-Skates that can reach beyond the traditional commercial value and taps into the stream of mass consumer’s heart.

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