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YaoDun USA Press Conference | Newport Beach, CA.

NEWPORT BEACH – A Press Conference was held by YaoDun USA, in beautiful Newport Beach at the Fashion Island Hotel on Sunday, August 26, 2018. Presented by CEO Ms. Sun Xiao Lei and Chairman/CEO Mr. Yao Ming Wen of YaoDun China.
Dignitaries from USA and China, Hollywood producers, committee members, investors and noted members of the fashion industry attended to support the event as well as honoring YaoDun Holdings with several awards.
Special Guests included:
Jimmy Wu – Representative for Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger
Tim Shaw – Candidate for Orange County Supervisor
Jennifer Liu – Beverly Hills Tourism Board Director
Guo Song – US China Federation Chairwoman
John Wuo – Former Mayor of Arcadia
Katherine Gao – Fashion Designer/Founder of Gao Repulic
Kenneth Lu, MD – UCLA Ophthalmologist Professor
Carl “Chip” Venters, III – Blockchain Authority
Mike Farley – Browse Played Founder
Jor Law, Esq. – Blockchain Expert
Michael Fox – Silicon Valley Investor

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“YaoDun USA Holdings Group was incorporated in 2017 in California, USA. Its businesses in the culture and entertainment industry, charitable foundations, environmental technologies, financial investment and the development and applications of blockchain technologies. The company will invest large financial resource for the protection, treatment, and restoration of the global ecology, with its industrial chains covering the US, UK, Thailand, and other locations globally. It will fundamentally promote the restoration of the global ecology, lending a hand to those who in urgent need of help. It promotes love and peace, expanding the overall industrial appeal to the global ecological chain and public trust and recognition!
In the future, with the continued and acceleration operation of the YaoDun USA, it will break through the organizational and national boundaries, not only linking more global businesses, but also continuously providing better living environment for the world. YaoDun USA is important and indispensable in its strategic positions to the YaoDun ecological chain and it protects the global ecological environment and ecological health!”
CEO of YaoDun USA, Ms. Sun Xiao Lei has introduced strategic plans to invest in film and TV, e-sports and other entertainment projects. They will use cutting-edge technology, especially those that relate to the video industry, and blockchain-based applications to protect the global ecosystem.
I was honored to have an interview with Ms. Lei and Mr. Wen about their new upcoming show “Hollywood Battle”.

This is YaoDun USA’s first entertainment TV project and they have chosen a reality show. “Hollywood Battle” will be Produced by Anita Li, Director Adam Marino, and Cinematographer Olesia Saveleva.

(L-R) Producer Anita Li, Cinematographer Olesia Saveleva, Director Adam Marino

This show will showcase American and Chinese aspiring actors and will put them through a variety of tests. The participants will be partnered with Hollywood celebrities. This show has a strong integration of American and Chinese resources and invites Hollywood professional teams to create multinational acting competitions.
What inspired you to produce a multinational reality competition? And how is that different here in the US since they have a lot of it here?”
(Ms. Lei and Mr. Wen had a translator to communicate with me)
Hollywood Battle is the first project here in the US and the promotions of the Chinese culture. Los Angeles is a platform to have more interactions with the American-Chinese culture but also with other cultures around the world. We hope to bring cultural messages about other things with the world wide audience.
Why do you believe that the acting competition format will appeal to American and Asian Markets?
Oh wow, I love this question!
So we are planning to have American-Chinese participants feel the differences in each others cultures. For American fans, stars or Hollywood celebrities, they are going to be able to experience the Chinese culture such as calligraphy, how to make dumplings or any other traditional Chinese food. For the Chinese participants, they are able to experience the US culture like riding horses, baseball, or maybe street rap.
The name “Hollywood Battle” is a misnomer. It’s not actually a “battle”, it’s a “cultural exchange” of the two countries.
How important is it to showcase aspiring young Chinese and American celebrities? Is it only the young ones? Or is it a mix of ages like the older generation celebrities or is it the new upcoming celebrities that you want to showcase?
We actually don’t have any age limits to the participants. We are trying to convey our messages of philosophy about the importance of environmental and ecological protections. So thru the competition of acting skills, in this reality format, we are aiming at promoting the importance of ecology on earth and how to protect the environment and what to do to protect the environment. We are trying to send a message globally to countries around the world thru this kind of format and YaoDun China and YaoDun USA will contribute and promote such messages through this reality show.
It’s very fascinating. It’s a new and different concept.
Yes, that’s why we want to do this. It’s not the same reality show that we saw. We want to make something new and also want people to know more about the traditional Chinese culture and American culture. I’m still learning (she says with laughter).
Ms. Lei, Mr. Wen and their translator were very kind and patient. I appreciated the time that they spent with me during a very busy event and thanked them for their hospitality.

YaoDun USA plans to release the show in both the US and China via TV and online networks. This has a deep cultural integration that has been unseen before and will give the audience a fresh new experience from a reality show.

The press conference was hosted by Sky Liam Patterson and Cheer Pan which were spoken in English and Chinese. The event held several entertainment performances to show cultures from both countries.
DCP performed “Level Up”

Prime D performed “Urban Choreography Showcase”

Chinese Martial Arts performed by Orange County 
Shaolin Temple Cultural Center

Peking Opera “Ode to Pear Blossoms” performed by 
Zhang Qin Ping

World Class Opera Soprano Singer performed by 
Mariana Popzlateva

Fashion Show by fashion designer Katharine Gao of 
Gao Republic.
Before and after the conference, guests were invited to engage and visit booths that held US and Chinese traditions such US caricature artist and flare bartender. Chinese traditions showcased the Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and Paper Cutting.

Michael Choy – Flair Bartender

Christina Wu Martin – Caricature Artist / Illustrator

Tea Ceremony

David Zhao – Calligrapher

Paper Cutting
I am very excited to see the pilot of this new show and truly enjoy the philosophy behind it. Everyone sees and knows the damage that we have done to the earth. It is everyone’s responsibility to help clean it up and take care of our home. Let’s join together as a global community to restore, revitalize, and heal our planet.

Journalist: Jesse Watrous
PhotoJournalist: Jesse Watrous
Copy Editor: Sam Moskowicz

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