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How to get a Powerful Singing Voice

To get a powerful singing voice, the singer needs to incorporate many singing techniques together. This can be done by practicing regularly with the correct vocal exercises.

To open up for bigger singing sound, the singer has to open the area near the base of the tongue. This can be done by imagining the beginning of a yawn. This opens up the singing pathway, keeps the tongue in the correct position and lifts the soft palate which makes your mouth shaped like a megaphone.

With this mouth structure, the back of the throat will naturally open up and make the critical link between the vocal cords of the upper and lower resonances possible. While singing, the inner structure of the mouth is constantly working, moving to fine tune the oral cavity until the feel and sound of any sustained note is just right.

The correct position of the mouth should be a slight oval, with the corners of the mouth drawn in and the jaw down. It is critical that your lips are relaxed. If your lips are not relaxed, tension will accumulate around the jaw and your mouth, making your tone sound tight and tensed.

When the mouth is in this position, the jaw, tongue and palate will not be so rigid and will be responding to the direction of the inner ear. When more experience is gained, you will be sensitive to the feeling of the mouth cavity, subtly adjusting to each vowel as it fits into the available space in your mouth.

This amazing action takes place because of the image of a beginning yawn. However, if you generate a full yawn, then the voice box will be lowered too much and that creates a new obstruction in your singing pathway, rather than freeing up your voice so that you can sing big.

Another reason for a singing pathway blockage is your tongue. Make sure that your tongue is relaxed and sits comfortably against the back of your bottom teeth. If the tongue pulls back, the airflow will be blocked and will divide the mouth and throat into two resonators. On the other hand, if the tongue is lifted up too high, it will be separated front and back.

The optimal mouth position when sustaining tone on a vowel is a flat forward relaxed tongue position, just behind the lower teeth, an oval mouth position, and the image of a beginning yawn. What will follow naturally from here will be a bigger and more powerful singing voice.
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