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Puffy Belly Cure

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Did you ever wonder why you can eat right, do tons of “abs” exercises, and actually feel like you look fatter in the mirror??

It’s so frustrating and so, so common. And the reason is simple. Too much exercise. Too much sitting. Pollutants in your air, water and food. Stress. All that and more causes INFLAMMATION in your body.

Inflammation causes a “protective” layer of fat to form around your belly. It also causes “kinks” in the energy flow of your nervous system which makes your abs muscles go “floppy”.

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First thing you have to realize is that intense exercise may be the WORST thing for getting a flat tummy. In fact a gentle and soothing series of core exercises is usually much more effective.

Yet more important, the easiest way to flatten your belly is simply eliminating inflammation with the right blend of “super-spices” and other simple ingredients.

Two of my favorites are turmeric and a special oil that comes from coconuts. I blend them with some other powerful ingredients into a delicious tea. The ingredients are easy to find and you can make the tea in your own kitchen.

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