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Welcome to! The best way to watch any film or tv show online. No more having to go through multiple websites, pay subscription fees, or take an expensive trip to the movie theatre. Stay in the comfort of your own home, and start watching what you want to watch within just a few clicks!
About Us is operated by HUB LLC. HUB LLC is the world’s most popular and authoritative sources for movies, television, and celebrity content. In other words, anything regarding the tv and film industry is provided by us. All of our information is provided by The Movie Database (TMDb) API, but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.
How does it work?
Using our platform makes it easier for you to decide what kind of entertainment you want to watch. Not sure what kind of film you want to dive into? Check out our most popular list, and read about the films while exploring the countless options available. We provide direct feedback on how every film and tv show is. If you’re not sure what to watch and want to watch something that isn’t necessarily a new release, check out the reviews of all the films and tv shows we provide; you might find something that’ll pique your interest.
What Can You find?
Since we use TMDb, you can find anything you want. Any genre, director, actor, or type of film you want; we have.
Here is a list of what we provide entertainment-wise and what you can expect to see here:
Movies That Are Currently Playing in Theatres
Rather than exploring the web for reviews and information about new releases, we provide a one-stop option to read all about new releases. Read about reviews of the film, look at the cast of the film, look at pictures of the film, and all of the trailers about the film. Adding the film to your watchlist will make it so you’re notified as soon as the film is available to watch.
Movies That Are Coming Soon
Similar to how we handle films that are in theatres, you can find the same information on films that are going to be coming out. No need to desperately search for news, trailers, and information on films and tv shows that aren’t out yet. Go through our website and find everything you need within a few clicks!
Trending TV Shows
Want to figure out the latest tv show that everyone is watching? Head on over to our trending television show section and discover what the newest hit on television is. If you have an acquired taste, add a few filters to designate exactly the type of tv show you want to watch. No need to scroll aimlessly and waste your precious time.
Popular People, Actors, Directors, and Producers
Have an actor or director you’re a fan of? Check out what they’re latest endeavor is up to, and read all about it. No need to check social media and search for the latest Hollywood news. Simply do a search on our website, and find the exact person you’re looking for. You’ll see their entire filmography, what they’re known for, and their biography. Maybe you liked an actor in a film you recently seen. By utilizing this platform, you’ll be able to see what other films they were a part of and future films they’re going to be a part of. Having this gives you a sense of ease by making everything provided to you. All you need to do is do a search on your favorite actor, director, or producer and see their entire results come up. Explore, and look at what might interest you. It’s as easy as that.
How do you register?
Signing up takes only a few seconds. Sign up with an email and password, and start adding films and tv shows to your watch list. No subscription service needed. We don’t try to trick you, and we believe in making our platform as easy as possible. We compare the prices of Amazon and iTunes so you can find the cheapest option available to either rent or buy whatever film or tv show you want to watch.
Why you should use our website
There are a plethora of reasons why you should use The main one being comfort and ease. Two things that go hand in hand with your film and tv show watching. Nothing is better than being comfortable and watching something you enjoy.
Here is a list of why you should
Movie Night In
Rather than shelling out a ton of money at the movies, you can watch the latest film in the comfort of your own home. Buying stale popcorn and sitting uncomfortably while you sit through 30-minutes of advertising can be expensive and exhausting for most at a movie theatre. Then, once the film finally goes on, you hear the annoying chatter of people around you. Making your trip to movies a complete waste of time and money. Instead, you’ll be able to browse the exact movie for you and be able to pause or relax in any way you see fit. Drink too much soda and need to use to the restroom? Just pause and go right ahead. There are no watching rules within our platform, and we believe in making a movie-watching experience however you want it to be.
Compare Prices
As noted, we compare the prices of iTunes and Amazon so you can find the cheapest option available. Have a gift card you need to get rid of? Browse the countless films and tv shows we provide, and you’ll be able to find a list of entertainment options you’ll want to see. No more shelling out ridiculous money for a below-average experience. Find the cheapest option within just a few clicks and enjoy yourself. All in the comfort of your own home.
No Monthly Subscription Needed
As oppose to a lot of monthly subscription services, we believe in having the ability to register on completely free. Simply find what you like, and pay the cheapest option available to either rent or own. No more monthly subscription fees for a service you might not even use. Use it as you see fit, and explore it as you want. Hear about a film you were excited about? Check out the reviews, whose in it, and the trailer on; then pay a fraction of you what you would pay for at a theatre. No need to wait for months or even years for it to come on a monthly streaming service. You can watch it instantly, and enjoy it right away.
All Within a Touch of a Button
As noted before, you don’t have to worry about a drudging drive to the movie theatre. You can stay in some comfy clothing and find exactly what you want within a touch of a button. No more having to go across town for something that might end up be disappointing. Go on, look at films and tv shows, read some reviews and watch trailers, and watch whatever you want.
Every Genre is Available
Have a specific genre you want to watch? Go through the wide array of genres such as romance, mystery, horror, science fiction, comedy, thriller, action, drama, and more. We break down everything easy for you so you can find the specific niche you like.
What We Provide Besides Movies and TV Shows
Besides offering the cheapest and most comfortable option for movies and tv shows, we provide news regarding the film and television industry. Find out what you’re favorite director or actor is up to by going through our easily accessible news platform. Being able to not only read about and watch films and tv shows you want to watch, but you can read about the general topic of news in the film and television industry. Articles are posted throughout the day, and deliver the top trending information regarding the industry. Learn about show announcements, casting, opinions of actors and directors, and much more.
Do we need anything else to say? In recap, we provide everything regarding a film and tv show. Need a review? We provide thousands of reviews on every specific film and tv show. Want to find the cheapest option for a film or tv show? Our affiliate with iTunes and Amazon allows us to link the cheapest option on the internet. Want to figure out what films and tv shows are trending? Check out our trending section, and see what is perfect for you. Have a specific genre you want to find? You can select which genre you want to explore within a few simple clicks. Anything regarding news, actors, or filmography you’re interested in? We provide all of it. Here at, we ensure the best way to enjoy a film or television series while also providing all of the information available surrounding every specific film or tv show. It’s as simple as that. Register today, and start enjoying entertainment in the comfort of your own home!

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