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San Diego International Kids Film Festival 2018 - Gala & Award Ceremony | San Diego, CA.

The films in SDIKFF come from multiple countries in the world with multicultural characters. Our participants to our galas and mixers are also from different part of the world.

The opening gala is at Friday, August 24, night. Local film makers representatives and artists will gather together to welcome the international film makers, including singing national anthem and other presentations.

The reception gala is at Saturday night. This is an event for all film makers to introduce themselves to the others. In the event, the festival juries will open up their general views about the submissions. Worldwide film makers will judge the screenplay showcases and Maeya Angel title contest.  

A special SDIKFF mixer will be held on Sunday, August 26, morning at Worldmark The Club at Oceanside. The mixer is a very important social gathering to let all film makers to know each other and to build up strong relationship for future cooperation.

The signature long and proud red carpet and award ceremony with full of movie stars and mass media will be held in later afternoon and evening of Sunday August 24. All winners will be announced at the event and presented by the film industry celebrities. The winners will be well recognized and congratulated worldwide through multi-country, multilingual media, and by representatives of worldwide film makers.

All events are open to public which gives them an opportunity to know the stars.

For Event tickets, click HERE.

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